Release lifecycle

  • Snapshots of all branches are published automatically by Travis CI to the Sonatype Snapshot repo.
  • Milestone releases are published for early adopters who need the latest dependencies or new features. We will try to deprecate responsibly, but no binary compatibility is guaranteed.
  • Stable releases are recommended for production use. Backward binary compatibility is preserved across the minor version. Patches will be released for bugs, or selectively for backports deemed low risk and high value.
  • EOL releases are no longer supported by the http4s team. Users will be advised to upgrade in the official support channels. Patches may be released with a working pull request accompanied by a tale of woe.
http4s Status Scala 2.10 Scala 2.11 Scala 2.12 FP Streaming JDK
0.20.0-M4 Milestone cats‑1 fs2‑1 1.8+
0.19.0 EOL cats‑1 fs2‑1 1.8+
0.18.21 Stable cats‑1 fs2‑0.10 1.8+
0.17.6 EOL cats‑0.9 fs2‑0.9 1.8+
0.16.6a EOL scalaz‑7.2 scalaz‑stream‑0.8a 1.8+
0.16.6 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.15.16a EOL scalaz‑7.2 scalaz‑stream‑0.8a 1.8+
0.15.16 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.14.11a EOL scalaz‑7.2 scalaz‑stream‑0.8a 1.8+
0.14.11 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.13.3a EOL scalaz‑7.2 scalaz‑stream‑0.8a 1.8+
0.13.3 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.12.6 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.11.3 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.8 1.8+
0.10.1 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.7a 1.8+
0.9.3 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.7a 1.8+
0.8.6 EOL scalaz‑7.1 scalaz‑stream‑0.7a 1.7+