package client

Provides extension methods for using a http4s org.http4s.client.Client

import cats.effect.IO
import org.http4s._
import org.http4s.client._
import org.http4s.Http4s._
import org.http4s.Status._
import org.http4s.Method._
import org.http4s.EntityDecoder

def client: Client[IO] = ???

val r: IO[String] = client(GET(uri(""))).as[String]
val r2: DecodeResult[String] = client(GET(uri(""))).attemptAs[String] // implicitly resolve the decoder
val req1 = r.unsafeRunSync
val req2 = r.unsafeRunSync // Each invocation fetches a new Result based on the behavior of the Client
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Type Members

  1. final case class Client [F[_]](open: Service[F, Request[F], DisposableResponse[F]], shutdown: F[Unit])(implicit F: MonadError[F, Throwable]) extends Product with Serializable

    A Client submits Requests to a server and processes the Response.

    A Client submits Requests to a server and processes the Response.


    a service to asynchronously return a DisposableResponse from a Request. This is a low-level operation intended for client implementations and middleware.


    an effect to shut down this Shutdown this client, closing any open connections and freeing resources

  2. trait Connection [F[_]] extends AnyRef
  3. type ConnectionBuilder[F[_], A <: Connection[F]] = (RequestKey) ⇒ F[A]
    Definition Classes
  4. trait ConnectionManager [F[_], A <: Connection[F]] extends AnyRef

    Type that is responsible for the client lifecycle

    Type that is responsible for the client lifecycle

    The ConnectionManager is a general wrapper around a ConnectionBuilder that can pool resources in order to conserve resources such as socket connections, CPU time, SSL handshakes, etc. Because it can contain significant resources it must have a mechanism to free resources associated with it.

  5. final case class DisposableResponse [F[_]](response: Response[F], dispose: F[Unit]) extends Product with Serializable

    Contains a Response that needs to be disposed of to free the underlying HTTP connection.

  6. type Middleware[F[_]] = (Client[F]) ⇒ Client[F]
    Definition Classes
  7. final case class RequestKey (scheme: Scheme, authority: Authority) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents a key for requests that can conceivably share a Connection.

  8. final case class UnexpectedStatus (status: Status) extends RuntimeException with NoStackTrace with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. implicit def http4sHeadersDecoder[T](implicit F: Applicative[IO], decoder: EntityDecoder[IO, T]): EntityDecoder[IO, (Headers, T)]
    Definition Classes
  2. implicit def http4sNoBodyOps(method: Method with NoBody): NoBodyOps[IO]
    Definition Classes
  3. implicit def http4sWithBodySyntax(method: Method with PermitsBody): WithBodyOps[IO]
    Definition Classes
  4. object Client extends Serializable
  5. object ConnectionManager
  6. object RequestKey extends Serializable

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