package prometheus

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Type Members

  1. final case class MetricsCollection(responseDuration: Histogram, activeRequests: Gauge, requests: Counter, abnormalTerminations: Histogram) extends Product with Serializable
  2. final class PrometheusExportService[F[_]] extends AnyRef
    @nowarn( value = "cat=unused" )

Value Members

  1. object Prometheus

    MetricsOps algebra capable of recording Prometheus metrics

    MetricsOps algebra capable of recording Prometheus metrics

    For example, the following code would wrap a org.http4s.HttpRoutes with a org.http4s.server.middleware.Metrics that records metrics to a given metric registry.

    import cats.effect.{Resource, IO}
    import org.http4s.server.middleware.Metrics
    import org.http4s.metrics.Prometheus
    val meteredRoutes: Resource[IO, HttpRoutes[IO]] =
      Prometheus.metricsOps[IO](registry, "server").map(ops => Metrics[IO](ops)(testRoutes))

    Analogously, the following code would wrap a org.http4s.client.Client with a org.http4s.client.middleware.Metrics that records metrics to a given metric registry, classifying the metrics by HTTP method.

    import cats.effect.{Resource, IO}
    import org.http4s.client.middleware.Metrics
    import org.http4s.metrics.Prometheus
    val classifierFunc = (r: Request[IO]) => Some(r.method.toString.toLowerCase)
    val meteredClient: Resource[IO, Client[IO]] =
      Prometheus.metricsOps[IO](registry, "client").map(ops => Metrics[IO](ops, classifierFunc)(client))

    Registers the following metrics:

    {prefix}_response_duration_seconds{labels=classifier,method,phase} - Histogram

    {prefix}_active_request_count{labels=classifier} - Gauge

    {prefix}_request_count{labels=classifier,method,status} - Counter

    {prefix}_abnormal_terminations{labels=classifier,termination_type} - Histogram

    Labels --

    method: Enumeration values: get, put, post, head, move, options, trace, connect, delete, other

    phase: Enumeration values: headers, body

    code: Enumeration values: 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx

    termination_type: Enumeration values: abnormal, error, timeout

  2. object PrometheusExportService