Jack Henry : Extensively utilizes http4s to deliver mission-critical banking services.

Cammy : Has about 10 services in production at thousands of requests per second.

ClearScore : Uses http4s for some API services.

Eckerd College : Uses http4s for several of its internal services.

Formation : Uses the client internally

HiFi : Uses http4s for internal web services

Hireproof : Uses http4s-server for its JSON API as well as http4s-client to consume external services

看录取 Kanluqu : College application resources for Chinese high school students, built entirely upon the Typelevel stack.

iHeartRadio : Uses http4s for internal web services

ITV : Uses http4s extensively for backend applications and internal libraries.

MYOB : Uses http4s for some API and Web services.

Netflix : Uses http4s for internal tools.

NetworkedAssets : Builds APIs and API clients with http4s.

On Air Entertainment : Uses http4s for some API services.

Quantiply : Uses http4s to power the critical data APIs.

SecurityScorecard : Uses http4s to power its critical data pipeline.

Verizon : Uses http4s extensively in its internal services and open source projects.

Wegtam GmbH : Uses http4s to implement service and microservice architectures as well as web applications for customers.

Wide Angle Analytics : Wide Angle Analytics uses http4s for a fast and scalable event capture platform. Http4s combined with Scala's type safety results in lean, safe, and efficient service.

Wolt : Uses http4s for some API services.


Avias : Functional AWS API implementation for Scala

circuit-http4s : CircuitBreaker backed Http4s Middlewares

CouchDB-Scala : a purely functional Scala client for CouchDB

Helm : A native Scala client for interacting with Consul

http4s-directives : Implementation of unfiltered-directives using http4s

http4s-spnego : http4s middleware for HTTP SPNEGO Authentication (Kerberos)

http4s-timer : Adds timing capability to http4s, with a possible concrete implementation for New Relic

http4s-tracer : An end-to-end tracing system for http4s

kamon-http4s : Kamon support for http4s

pureconfig-http4s : Adds support for http4s' Uri class to PureConfig.

rho : A self-documenting DSL built on http4s

scala k8s : Kubernetes client, data models and typesafe manifest generation for scala, scalajs, and scala native; with support for http4s clients on all platforms

tsec : A type-safe, functional, general purpose security and cryptography library

typedapi : Build your API on the type level

Open Source apps : A simple link-shortener

Dashing : Dashboards to monitor an open source organization's health

Docspell : A personal document (pdf) organizer

fink : A simple Scala-based content management system

fleet-buddy : Eve Online fleet buddy based on the CREST API

http4s-demo : an open source demo app built with http4s

http4sbin : A httpbin clone built with http4s

httpize : a httpbin built with http4s (source)

Nelson : Automated, multi-region container deployment

Raster Foundry : An open source tool for finding, analyzing, and publishing geospatial imagery on the web

scala-pet-store : An implementation of the java pet store using FP techniques in scala

scala-steward : Bot that keeps library dependencies and sbt plugins up-to-date

Sharry : A file-sharing web application

Smart Backpacker App : Backend of the traveler's app using the Typelevel stack

SurfsUp Alerts : Backend of app for surfers .

todo-backend-typelevel : todo-backend implementation using the Typelevel stack

twitterstorm : Twitter Streaming API Processing Example Project

http4s-index : lists the files and folders becoming a simple light weight web server

http4s-chatserver : an open source demonstration of http4s WebSocket support and stateful functional streams

Giter8 templates

G8 templates provide a fast way to get started with SBT projects by just running sbt new <template-name>.

http4s.g8 : Bootstrap Http4s services

http4s-app.g8 : Bootstrap web apps based on Http4s including database migrations and on Typelevel Stack

http4s-tapir.g8 : Bootstrap HTTP services using Http4s and sttp tapir (Typed API descRiptions)

typelevel-stack.g8 : Typelevel Stack (Http4s / Doobie / Circe / Cats Effect / Fs2)