Getting Help


The discussion forum for http4s is http4s/http4s on the Typelevel Discord. This Discord is open to user questions of all levels of experience. There you will also find channels for questions and discussion about Cats, FS2, skunk, and much more!

The contributors also use this channel to discuss development. Please do not hesitate to interject with support questions or weigh in on development.

blaze and rho do not yet have dedicated channels. Questions about these projects are welcome in the http4s channel.

We expect users to observe the Scala Code of Conduct while on the Discord channel.


http4s uses GitHub issues. If you have a bug report or feature request, please submit an issue.

If we helped you in the Gitter room, and it resulted in a bug, a feature request, or something to improve in the documentation, we appreciate it if you open an issue. Pull requests with documentation fixes are a great way to start contributing.

We expect users to observe the Scala Code of Conduct on our GitHub organization.