package client

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Type Members

  1. final case class Client[F[_]](open: Kleisli[F, Request[F], DisposableResponse[F]], shutdown: F[Unit])(implicit F: MonadError[F, Throwable]) extends Product with Serializable

    A Client submits Requests to a server and processes the Response.

    A Client submits Requests to a server and processes the Response.


    a service to asynchronously return a DisposableResponse from a Request. This is a low-level operation intended for client implementations and middleware.


    an effect to shut down this Shutdown this client, closing any open connections and freeing resources

  2. trait Connection[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  3. type ConnectionBuilder[F[_], A <: Connection[F]] = (RequestKey) ⇒ F[A]
    Definition Classes
  4. trait ConnectionManager[F[_], A <: Connection[F]] extends AnyRef

    Type that is responsible for the client lifecycle

    Type that is responsible for the client lifecycle

    The ConnectionManager is a general wrapper around a ConnectionBuilder that can pool resources in order to conserve resources such as socket connections, CPU time, SSL handshakes, etc. Because it can contain significant resources it must have a mechanism to free resources associated with it.

  5. final case class DisposableResponse[F[_]](response: Response[F], dispose: F[Unit]) extends Product with Serializable

    Contains a Response that needs to be disposed of to free the underlying HTTP connection.

  6. sealed abstract class JavaNetClient extends AnyRef

    A Client based on

    A Client based on

    JavaNetClient adds no dependencies beyond http4s-client. This client is generally not production grade, but convenient for exploration in a REPL.

    All I/O operations in this client are blocking.

  7. type Middleware[F[_]] = (Client[F]) ⇒ Client[F]
    Definition Classes
  8. case class NoConnectionAllowedException(key: RequestKey) extends IllegalArgumentException with Product with Serializable
  9. final case class RequestKey(scheme: Scheme, authority: Authority) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents a key for requests that can conceivably share a Connection.

  10. final case class UnexpectedStatus(status: Status) extends RuntimeException with NoStackTrace with Product with Serializable
  11. final case class WaitQueueFullFailure() extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Client extends Serializable
  2. object ConnectionManager
  3. object JavaNetClient
  4. object RequestKey extends Serializable

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