package multipart

This package is the start of a multipart implementation for http4s. It is still deficient in a few ways:

- All encoding is chunked transfers, except for entities small enough to fit into the blaze buffer. This irritates some server implementations.

- When decoding, chunks are kept in memory. Large ones should be buffered to a temp file.

- It's a bit handwavy around character sets. Things probably go horribly wrong if you're not UTF-8.

- This module is lightly tested, and its API should be considered experimental.

Enter this package at your own risk, but we'd love the feedback.

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Type Members

  1. final case class Boundary(value: String) extends AnyVal with Product with Serializable
  2. final case class Multipart[F[_]](parts: Vector[Part[F]], boundary: Boundary = Boundary.create) extends Product with Serializable
  3. final case class Part[F[_]](headers: Headers, body: Stream[F, Byte]) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Boundary extends Serializable
  2. object MultipartParser

    A low-level multipart-parsing pipe.

    A low-level multipart-parsing pipe. Most end users will prefer EntityDecoder[Multipart].

  3. object Part extends Serializable

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